About me

Mindful Designer, Confident Creator

I've never been one to sit still and wait my turn. If I find something that interests me, I dive in head first and learn as much as possible. Over the past 4 years, I’ve been supporting startups within various industries (digital health, art tech, drones, and real estate) in Los Angeles and San Diego with UX/ UI design and prototyping. I’ve found that by placing myself inside the shoes of the user, I am able to ask the right questions and solve real world problems in order to help teams build products that truly alleviate key customer pain points. Culturally, I’ve found myself in and around startups and enjoy the fast moving team collaboration and iteration process of building products. By implementing this design thinking into my own life I have come to understand how things work, how things can work better, and how people can interact with products or services in a more profound way. Working with all of these endeavors have required me to reinvent myself and find the discipline necessary to succeed.

In my spare time, you can find me hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, reading a book in a local cafe, meditating in one of the various studios that LA has to offer, or dreaming about what's to come next in my life.

Happy Creating,