Safe way to earn extra money from short-term rentals.

Based In
Los Angeles

The Challenge

I was brought onto this project as the first UX design hire to research and design the MVP. I was a brought on the team way before this company changed it's name to RentDuo and it's been exciting to see what it's become.

The Design Process.

I worked alongside the founder and CEO of to design what he had in mind for this concept.

The design I was going for was related to millennial home-owners and needed to express professionalism with a modern touch. Because we were targeting two different audiences: tenants and property managers, for the landing page I decided to split the screen into two sections for easy access for both parties.

I wanted to make sure the user had full customizability of their experience so I designed a multitude of filters as well as an expandable and retractable map to allow users to look at listings and a map seamlessly.


For this being my first foray into UX and UI Design, it was both an exciting and momentous project to take on. Moving forward I would push myself to spend more time and attention to detail regarding user testing.