Retreat Base

The go-to place for finding meditation retreats across the U.S.


I connected with the founder of Retreat Base via email and after doing some pro-bono work for his site, we ended up meeting in San Francisco to chat about the vision of Retreat Base. Meditation has been a huge part of my life so I wanted to connect with a likeminded person and create something meaningful in this space.

Project type
Pro-bono freelance
UI desinger
I worked alongside the founder as we designed a few screen variations over the course of a three week design sprint. I was responsible for the landing page and retreat center pages.
01 Research
02 Design
03 Iterate

In order to narrow our scope and deliver a relevant product, the founder and I discussed ways to make booking a retreat easier and more accessible as the main objective of this design sprint.


Our research began with investigating the current experience of meditation-retreat goers. It was crucial for us to identify who would really benefit from a service like the Retreat Base, to help inform our design decisions.


Our design mainly focused on a web first site and not a mobile first just based off of the user demographic . We needed to communicate trust, professionalism, and ease-of-use for users wanting to book a retreat.

This is the retreat center page which would populate with details about each meditation center. It then had a button to direct you directly to the retreat site. I decided to add a banner toward the bottom of this page in order to draw attention to upcoming retreats specific to that center.
This is the landing page that would be seen by a retreat center host. It asks for basic information and gives the user a better understanding of what Retreat Base does.
By alternating the image to the left side, we provide a more robust structure to the retreat page. Users are able to see the necessary information about the retreat and are able to book directly with Retreat Base.

Spending time doing a ton of research is incredibly valuable. Due to the short amount of time I spent on this, we didn't do enough user testing to see if there were gaps in our designs. If I were to do this again, I'd design alongside a meditation teacher and a student looking to book an upcoming retreat to better understand both perspectives. Even though is still a young company, I wholeheartedly believe in the vision and the mission of its founder, and I really hope to see the platform be used by the masses in the years to come.