The Future of Gut Health


RootMD offers a unique end-to-end, root-cause-driven solution to end chronic gut conditions from the comfort of your home. Facilitated by proprietary research in immunology and clinical success, they offer a personalized and sustainable path to health, not just symptom-suppression.

I was responsbile for an entire UX /UI overhaul of RootMD's mobile app and website.

Project type
Web & Mobile
UI/UX  Designer
I worked directly with the founder and CEO of RootMD to design his vision for this app and website and helped hand it off to developers.
01 Research
02 Design
03 Iterate

Before designing the initial concept, the founder and I both agreed upon two guiding ideals that would become the company foundation. We wanted the brand and the overall look to feel vibrant and fun (many of the testing kits we researched were too rigid and stale). We also wanted the user experience to feel easy yet informative for the patient.

The process began with research on other types of companies related but also different than our space. I created a mood-board to get a feel for what the brand and experience could look like once completed.
Our landing page focused on the basic of idea of what RootMD was all about: At-home gut health blood test kits.
We wanted the main RootMD website to be as informative as possible so we included an extensive science page and relatable blog page.
To learn more about how RootMD could help patients, I created a question funnel to answer  peoples basic questions which would lead them in the right direction of RootMD's offering.

In the beginning we focused mainly on the web. For our second round of design we focused heavily on the native mobile app.

Here is a simple on-boarding screen display of RootMD.
Patient native app design
The user is prompted to scan their barcode associated with their blood testing packet.
This is the screen a patient first interacts with once on-boarded and singed in. Here they can change their membership level and ask RootMD a question.
Here is the Treatment Plan screen. This is where a patient can see their blood test results and what foods they are sensitive to.
Here is the Immune Reaction screen. Here a patient can see how sensitive their reaction is to certain foods.
This is a symptom checker screen. Here a patient can self-report what their symptoms are.
Here is the My Progress screen. Here a patient can see how they are doing in terms of their self-reported symptoms.
Here is the My Doctor screen. Here a patient is recommended certain videos and content to help them along their health journey.
Admin native app design

Final Thoughts

This was the very fist end to end UI project that I was tasked with creating. It was an awesome experience to get to build an app from the ground up along side a founder. I learned a lot about how to iterate and build on previous ideas, and to completely pivot from others. Because a lot of the features I built out never will see the light of day, It was a true lesson of non-attachment.

More on RootMD can be found here.