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Hello friends, welcome to my personal website
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I love designing and working with great people. Today, I do this by freelancing with clients and designing for some of my own side projects. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been supporting startups within various industries (digital health, art tech, drones, and real estate) in Los Angeles and San Diego with UX / UI design, prototyping, and branding. I’ve found that by placing myself inside the shoes of the user, I am able to ask the right questions and solve real world problems in order to help teams build products that truly alleviate key customer pain points. Culturally, I’ve found myself in and around startups and enjoy the fast moving team collaboration and iteration process of building products. By implementing this design thinking into my own life I have come to understand how things work, how things can work better, and how people can interact with products or services in a more profound way. Working with all of these endeavors have required me to reinvent myself and find the discipline necessary to succeed.

In my spare time, you can find me hiking in the mountains, reading a book, journaling, meditating at home, and working on Sanghos.


Learn more about me

What's your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?

Tacos Tu Madre in West Hollywood. I lived a block away from there at one point and it was dangerously too close.

What's the app you use everyday?

Insight Timer. It's a great meditation app I've been using pretty much everyday since 2016. I mostly use the bell timer to track my daily meditations, but I've used a few of their guided meditations which are lovely.

Favorite Childhood memory

Visiting the Mayan Riviera (on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula). On this trip I had the opportunity to climb the famous Chichén Itzá pyramid - Temple of Kukulcan before it was roped off a few years later.

What's your morning routine look like?

I take my mornings very seriously! I enjoy waking up early so I can have the peace and quiet of those early hours to myself. Usually this means getting up around 5:30 - 6am. I make my bed, meditate for 20-25 minutes, do some light yoga, 40 pushups, Journal for 10 minutes, prepare tea or coffee and then get to work. Of course this is my perfect morning routine. Some days are busier than others but the non-negotiable habits are: Meditation, getting 40 reps of something (squats, jumping jacks, pushups), and journaling.


Resources I use

Favorite design tool
Favorite meditation app
Favorite Podcast
Favorite website
industry Standard UI tool
Favorite fasting app
Best design podcast
Favorite Architectural
design website
No-Code web builder I used to build this site :)
Favorite Investing app
Entertaining business podcast
great Pitch deck Design tool

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