Devin Fernandez

Digital Designer



Work Experience

I’ve worked alongside 20+ clients on various design projects ranging from investor pitch decks, branding, to web, and mobile product designs. Clients include: Bayer Pharma, Cue Health, ScaleHealth, Circul, The Luckman Gallery, BRNDMKRS, + many more.
As a design consultant, I help with miscellaneous design tasks ranging from presentation decks and proposal design, to social media content. I manage around 3 simultaneous projects a week.
Helped 11 startups with designing investor pitch decks and product designs. Delivered designs to founders and iterated on changes & design problems they faced throughout the program.
Designed a branded company presentation. Developed and designed 3 portfolio startup crowd-funding decks (MisoLabs, Bobacino, Future Acres, and Piestro). Created newsletter designs for all 4 startups.
Acting as an in-house agency, I created daily marketing assets for these two companies and designed and implemented UI designs for a customer-facing portal.
Working directly with the founder, I designed over 50 screens for the app and website as well as the package design for this health-tech startup.
Responsible for collaborating directly with the CEO on design sprint workshops and developing a brand plan for the company.
Helped speakers design slideshows that were used during their talk.Created a master slide deck for the main TEDx event. Designed and implemented digital advertisements that were displayed all around LMU. Created a visual identity for this TEDx event that brought in 9 speakers and over 200 guests.
Designed creative content on behalf of the Avaulte brand. This content helped to produce brand consistency at an early growth stage within the company. Worked as a web developer to create custom pages on the website as well as an integration system that seamlessly connected an online form with various other 3rd party tools. Helped transition the old website from Wordpress to the new BigCommerce platform.


Startup Weekend

Mentored 10 groups at LA Startup Weekend with app mockups, pitch deck design, and other creative needs.

ScaleLA Foundation

I served as ScaleLA foundation mentor which provided college students with the opportunity to enhance startup skills by working to solve systemic problems in a local community.