In the Now

What is this?

It was about 3 years ago  I stumbled upon Derek Sivers’ blog where he talked about the importance of having what he calls a “now” page - a page on your website that showcases what you’re  focused on at a particular point in your life. It’s different from an about page because it’s focused on the now instead of past accomplishments. 

Starting in 2017 I took this newfound concept and started posting my very own “now” page. It started off as a blog where I’d post about what I was doing in that particular month - after all this was the sole purpose of a “now” page that Derek Sivers layed out. But then I quickly turned it into an experiment - where I’d write a long-form blog post about a certain topic, then (here’s the experimental part) after one month I would delete the article and create a brand new one for the next month. I’d like to think of it as a practice of impermanence, but others thought I was crazy. Bad for SEO...probably. Bad for my online presence...most likely. But it helped me become comfortable with posting long-form writing on the internet because I knew it would just be there for a month, then it would be taken down.

It’s now 2020 and my perspective on this “now” page has changed. First off I’m changing the title of this page to “In the Now” - a play on the phrase “in the know” and it also drives home the purpose of what this page is about: the current happenings of my life in the now. Secondly, Instead of deleting my blog posts every month, I’ll start saving them so readers can have access to them whenever. That two year long experiment of deleting blog posts was a failed attempt to get me to write without worrying about my content staying up for all to see. I’m now over that fear, thus I want to make sure my writings can be accessed by whoever and whenever for years to come.

Okay enough background.. Enjoy this month's in the now page!

A Tribute to Napa Valley

October 2020: A tribute to the valley I've called home for 25 years.

A valley I've called home for 25 years.

Napa Valley, and specifically Calistoga where I was born and raised has always held a special place in my heart. From the early morning fog blanketing the valley floor, to the hot air-balloons scattered throughout the sky, and of course the delicious food and wine that makes Napa Valley what it is.

These past few weeks have proved to be a horrific time for the valley. The glass fire, which from the time of me writing this has consumed over 67,000 acres and is 67% contained. This fire hit home in so many ways as it has damaged or destroyed many of the landmarks I grew up visiting. One of my favorite hiking spots has been burned, the Silverado trail looks like a war zone, and the famous Calistoga Ranch has been damaged to the point of no return. On top of all this, Covid19 has hit our valley hard with a loss of tourism due to restaurants and wineries being forced to close.

In California, It seems like with every passing year we get bombarded with these massive wildfires that threaten the very town I called home for 25+ years. This has unfortunately become the norm, something I wish  wasn't the case.

Thank you to all the firefighters and emergency personnel that helped with the efforts of containing this fire and keeping our communities safe.

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A few snapshots from this month.

My dog Milo enjoying his late afternoon nap in the vineyard
In Berkley, looking towards SF
The smoke during the Glass fire
The Glass Fire seen from my parent's front yard

This Month's Takeaways

  • Protect your time - This is something that everybody has, but no one can get back
  • Schedule , Schedule, Schedule! - If it's not on the calendar it wont get done!
  • Read a book before bed - non fiction.