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This project was the result of months of user testing and feedback from my previous project: MindflPlaces. I wanted to create a brand that encapsulated a modern take on the wellness retreat experience. The result was rebranding MindflPlaces into Sanghos - a wellness experience company. From my experiences with meditation retreats and classes, I saw how clunky and old the process was, so I tried to encapsulate a new way of accomplishing this by creating an easy onboarding process for signing up for a class and providing a more modern look on the website.


Sanghos was created in response to an experience on a meditation retreat a few years back. It began as a simple website idea that then pivoted to an online community of wellness practitioners and teachers. Making meditation, yoga, and other wellness experiences more accessible is at the heart of what Sanghos is.

Interviews and Research

From user interviews, I discovered the need for unique local locations with real wellness teachers to practice with. So the concept of creating the studio inside the home became the new model of how to proceed with this idea.

Pilot event

The first Sanghos-sponsored event occurred on June 19, 2021 and was a huge success. There were 10 people in attendance at a private Beverly Hills mansion, taught by two wonderful teachers who taught both yoga and meditation.

Social Media Content Design

I also create weekly content for Sanghos' Instagram account.

Future of Sanghos

An online community was launched a few weeks ago and will be the main place for the Sanghos Community to share advice as well as see upcoming events in their city. Sanghos is definitely a mix between an online and offline experience and I hope to make that more apparent as I curate more events in the wellness space.

Sanghos homepage and mobile

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