May 2020 - Quarantine continued....

Oh boy, it's May! It took a month that felt like a year to finally get to this point. Here in LA we're nearing the end of this quarantine from the looks of how things are opening back up, but we are far from "back to normal".

My latest purchase
Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker. I've always wanted to track my sleep and heart rate variability and this little watch does exactly that.

What I'm reading
Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy - and How to Make Them Work for You. A great read about network effect companies (like Airbnb, Letgo, Uber, etc. ) and how they're disrupting the old way of doing business.
What I'm Enjoying
As of late I've been enjoying my coffee and journaling outside on the steps in front my apartment complex . It's proven to be  a relaxing moment of mindfulness as I observe the early morning activities of my neighborhood. People walking their dogs, runners panting as they run past me. There's even a stray cat that comes and curiously observes me as I sip my coffee and read and write.
Companies that have stepped up during this time

Headspace has partnered with the LA County Department of Mental Health in offering a free premium subscription to LA county residence.

10% happier is offering free access to their app If you are a teacher, healthcare, grocery, or food delivery worker

SweetGreen has partnered with chef and humanitarian José Andrés’ in delivering food to 100,000 medical personnel at 200 hospitals nationwide.

Beyond Meat is donating over a million Beyond Burgers to frontline medical personnel

Uniqlo is producing face-masks and donating over 1 million to American Hospitals.

Wells Fargo is offering one of the more expansive COVID-19 relief packages among banks. They will be pausing all evictions and auto repossessions as well as donating $175 million to help public health, housing, and food efforts.

And to the frontline medical staff, I thank you for your selfless and courageous acts as you attempt to rid the world of this terrible disease.